Placer Bonito Trip – April 2014

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The first team to go to Placer Bonito in April 2014 was the Construction Team.  Our major construction projects on this trip were 10 latrines and 10 chicken coops.  The Medical Team followed a week later and they held medical, dental, vision, and veterinary clinics, along with health and hygiene training and STD prevention training.  Both teams provided Bible studies for men and women, VBS classes for children and visited homes and sponsored children.  Looking back on the experience, God blessed the team in so many ways.  The attached video will give you some idea of those experiences that enriched the lives of the team and is a tribute to what Jesus Christ has called ordinary people to do in a beautiful country with beautiful people.

The Teams are part of a partnership between Food for the Hungry (FH) and the community of Placer Bonito.  This partnership provides for both spiritual and physical, community defined needs through Food for the Hungry’s “Community to Community” program. The Community-to-Community program focuses in three strategic areas: the Church, Families and Community Leadership.

Your prayer support during our visit provided those blessings, not only for the team, but also for the community.  Thank you again for your generosity in supporting the projects in Placer Bonito.  It is so encouraging to see people step up and make the decision to make a difference in the lives of other people.  Our team and the community have been blessed beyond measure by those of you who have supported us through your prayers and financial resources.