Foundational Prayer Request

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The reason prayer is so important is that prayer achieves complete oneness with God; it is getting to know God Himself.  Prayer leads to understanding God’s will and is critical in understanding God’s purpose for the team.  The team thanks God for this opportunity to advance His kingdom in practical ways, and we honor this opportunity to serve alongside you.

  • Open the hearts of the team that God’s purpose will be fulfilled.
  • That God will enable us to reach out to the community members to establish relationships and help meet their needs.
  • That God would provide the right tools and resources to successfully complete the projects.
  • That God would provide the resources for the completion of the projects.
  • That God will provide opportunities for us to communicate the message of Jesus Christ.
  • That the team members will be humble and have a servant’s attitude.
  • The team would remain focused on the plans the Lord has set regarding the projects and activities, and His vision and direction would be followed to the fullest.