The Children

How to make a difference….

In a world with so much need and suffering, you might wonder if you can you make a difference?  The answer is, YOU can!  Child Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to bring hope into the life of a child. By sponsoring a child, you can help meet the critical needs of a hurting child, you can show them someone cares, and you communicate the value and potential God has given them. You can offer lasting hope and a brighter future for a child living in extreme poverty. You can influence family members to have an impact on the development of a child and, therefore, change a child to influence the next generation.

Food for the Hungry’s child sponsorship strategy is geared toward empowering and equipping families, the local church and the leadership of the community to meet the needs of their children. We focus on long-term solutions – strengthening the families and communities in which the children live. Your monthly pledge of $35 will help meet the critical needs of the child you sponsor as well as other children in the community.

The FH staff develops specific plans in Placer Bonito that address the spiritual, educational, health and emotional needs of every child.

SPIRITUAL NEEDS: Your support gives every child the opportunity to hear about and believe in Jesus Christ. The gospel message is integrated into all of the child sponsorship activities in a culturally appropriate way.

EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: Child Sponsorship helps families and schools reform and improve the methods for developing children’s minds and skills. Sponsorship provides funding for school supplies and also building the classrooms to house the education.

HEALTH NEEDS: As partners we work with the community to address chronic health problems and provide emergency care for the sick.  Education is provided about malnutrition, sanitation and first aid, along with local health care representatives who will bring dramatic improvements to the community.

EMOTIONAL NEEDS: Food for the Hungry and the team build strong relationships with the children and their families through home visits and sponsorship activities. We demonstrate the love of Christ through counsel and friendship by providing the love and support that God desires for the children.

Our objective is to develop families and communities that will work together to advance toward their God-given potential. As such, your donations are never given directly to your sponsored child or family as this would promote an unhealthy dependency.  Rather, FH staff manages your contributions to create the Child Development Programs described above.

In order to manage efficient, reliable programs that benefit your sponsored child and family, we depend on your consistent financial support.

If you are interested in Sponsoring a Child in Placer Bonito and helping the “Community of Children”, please contact: Doug Geist – [email protected]