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Project Planning for 2012:

The implementation of the Wholistic Community Transformation strategy is focused in three areas:  the Church, community leadership and families.  Through this strategy, emphasis is placed on sustainable and reproducible projects that provide the community the tools, train them in how to use the tools, build true and lasting relationships by working side-by-side with the community and, after 10 years, transition out of the community.  Based on the discussions with the community leaders, the following is a list of projects being considered for next year.

  1. Continued funding for the construction of latrines.
  2. The construction of a classroom at the existing school.
  3. The construction of a school kitchen.
  4. Provide Christian Education for the youth through the AMO Program.
  5. Start construction of a basketball and volleyball area at the school.
  6. School supplies for the children.
  7. The first step in the coffee enterprise effort should include an evaluation of the coffee horticulture practices in the Placer Bonito area.  This could be accomplished by Victor’s brother or by contacting an agronomist.  This person could spend 2-4 days in the area evaluating soil conditions, coffee tree health and providing training to the local farmers on proper horticulture practices.  From this information we can chart a course to proceed.
  8. Because of the poor production of the existing coffee trees, start replacing them with the hybrid Caturra variety.  The cost of the young tree is very reasonable (10 pesos) and we should plant several thousand plants in select plots in the area as an experiment.
  9. Help organize a local Coffee Growers Co-op and assist them in developing a coffee enterprise (along with other agriculture commodities indigenous to the area).

Our next trip is planned for March 24th to April 1 rd, 2012.  More details on project activities will be defined throughout the year.