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Our team will serve alongside the Food for the Hungry Dominican Republic staff as they walk with the churches, leaders, and families in the community to overcome all forms of human poverty. The “health” of a community includes not only physical, but also spiritual, social and economic health, and this partnership with Food for the Hungry focuses in these four strategic areas. The following are some of the specific projects and activities in these areas that will create a sustainable and reproducible transformation in the community that will have a long-term impact on this rural community’s health.

Spiritual Heath: This is the most important area of health in the community. It is essential that the local church becomes the “beacon on the hill” for the community by reaching out into the community and providing for the spiritual and physical needs of the people. This is accomplished by providing for the training of local pastors, adult Bible studies and Christian education for children and youth through the AMO program.

Physical Health: Medical, dental, vision and veterinary clinics with a continued emphasis on nutrition, sanitation and hygiene training for the community and the construction of 130 latrines.

Social Health: This area focuses on building relationships with families and providing for the education of the youth. Included in these activities are the construction of school classrooms, school supplies for the children and playground equipment for the school.

Economic Health: Help organize the Coffee Growers Association and assist them in developing a coffee enterprise. Also, help the community develop other agriculture commodities indigenous to the area that would improve the physical health through better nutrition sources.

We just finished putting together a 5-year project plan and the following is a list of prioritized projects we have defined with the community leadership and FH-DR.

1. Construction of 50 latrines at $930 per latrine.

2. Formation of a partnership with Project CURE to provide medical equipment and supplies to three hospitals in remote regions of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

3. Implementation of a comprehensive agriculture development project that will improve food production and marketability of agricultural produce among farming households in Placer Bonito and surrounding communities, significantly improving the household income and food security of families.

4. Conduct medical, dental and veterinary clinics and provide training to families in sanitation and personal hygiene.

5. Provide Christian Education for the children through the AMO Program.

6. Bible studies for youth and adults.

7. School Supplies (Annual) – $2000