Team Training

This Page contains IMPORTANT TRIP INFORMATION for Team Members.

General Trip Information:

DR Trip Timeline_2018

Placer Bonito Community Transformation Plan

Suggested Reading_2016

Team Member Managed Missions Account:

Team Member Application Instructions_2018

Team Member Managed Missions Account Access Instructions_2018

Passport Instructions_2016

Raising Support and Financial Commitment:

Sponsor Letter and Support Options_2018

Financial Support Options_2018

Trip Cost and Financial Commitment_2016

Requirements for Team Members Under 18:

NOTICE:  If a Minor (less than 18 years of age) is going on this trip with or without a parent, the Parent(s) must fill out this form and submit to the Team Leader.

FH Risk Disclosure for Minors_2016

NOTICE:  If a Minor is going on this trip and is NOT accompanied by a Parent, the Parent(s) must fill out and notarize this Medical POA form and submit to the Team Leader.

FH Medical Power of Attorney for Minor Child_2016

Health Concerns:

Chikungunya Fact Sheet_2016

Chikungunya Virus Alert

Dengue Fever and Cholera Information_2016

Zika Information_2016

Pre-Trip Preparation:

DR Packing List

DR Trip Guidelines

Living in Placer Bonito

Typical Day-Week Schedule

On-Trip Activities:

TBD (Sent via email)

Dominican Republic Information:

DR History and Culture

Spanish English Translation

Immunization Information:

Information on immunizations recommended for the Dominican Republic.